A summary about the hot words of android

As to the Android mobile phone, we are still in the process of knowing and learning. Most of the common users are not familiar with the professional words. And they may not know the exact meaning. Today we will have a summary about the most commonly mentioned terms. I believe you can have a clear idea about the Android mobile phone.

Android phone android_screenshot_1_thumb800

Android phone is selling well on the market. What’s the android phone exactly? Simply speaking, andoid is a new smartphone operation system. The native system is developed by google. We call the phone with android system the android phone. Now many manufacturers including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Infinix are producing the android smartphone. And you don’t worry about the high price, as you can also get an android phone from the wholesale electronics supplier at the wholesale price.

Android Market

Android Market is the online application program store which is developed for Android equipment by google. It’s similar to the App Store. The user can browse, download and install thousands of application programs like software, game. Some of them are free while some of them are charged. Different from the application market of Microsoft and Apple, android market can offer the users wide range of content. The user can get the content from the large media company and the program developed by individual developer.

Root permission

It’s of the similar concept of the windows administrator permission. Root is the super admin account of the android system. It owns the greates power in whole system. It can achieve any operations in the sytem. In order to prevent the system file to be changed by software, the android system hides the root permissions. We will use the root permission when we modify some system file or we install system. You can achieve any operations as you get and unlock the root permission.

Reinstall the system

It’s the technical term about moible phone. It’s a way to modify or replace the language, picture, ring and software version or operation system of the original system. It can perfect the function of the mobile phone. It can be official or unofficial.



APK is short for Android Package. It’s the file format of the android phone program. It’s similar to the sisx, sis and jar of Nokia program. You can upload the apk program to mobile phone and install the file through the file managing software.

Desktop widget

If you have used the windows vista, you will be strange about the desktop gadget. You can achieve the checking and operation conveniently throught the desk widget.


It’s a recovery mode on the mobile phone. The user can install the system and clear the data through the recovery. It’s similar to the Ghost one-touch recovery on the computer. You may know it’s the easiest way to reinstall the system with Ghost.


It’s short for Read Only Memory. Simply speaking, Rom is the operation system of android mobile phone. It’s similar to the Windows xp and windows7. Rom is the system bag of the android phone.


It’s a wireless networking technology which can connect the computer, PDA and mobile phone in the wireless way. We connect the computers through the network cable before. But they are networked through radio wave.