HTC Desire HD – get hold on the utmost gadget

The Taiwan based HTC Corporation have launched many surprisingly outstanding gadgets. The HTC Desire HD is a sleek and smart looking gadget. The outside is made up of aluminum, high quality plastic and glass. It can fit in the grip easily and you can find it very comfortable to hold. However it is slightly heavier than the other mobile phones from the family. The 4.3 inch LCD is very beautiful and easy to gives pleasure to your eyes while enjoying all the applications. Moving your fingers in the touch screen is just amazing and gives a special feel. With the Qualcomm 1 GHz QSD8255 chipset, HTC desire HD optimizes the energy consumption and it has been proved to give better performance than the HTC Desire.


The HTC sense allows the user to enjoy the small task and make them efficiently beneficial and remarkably interesting. Personalizing the ring tones, images, wallpapers and other things is different and more amusing.Android 2.2 operating system has been induced to introduce more application and a superb feature. Plenty of applications has been installed in this gadget to make it more interesting and full of amusement. The 8 mega pixel camera with the features like the dual LED flash camera is one of the best feature in this phone as it can capture the numerous amazing photographs. Touch focus, face recognition and the geo tagging are some of the features which can give you pictures of the professional level.

Maps on the HTC Desire HD Contract will always point you to the right direction and will make you reach your destination on time. There is no tension of downloading the maps and keep waiting as sometimes downloading procedure takes a long time. All the hit spots appear on the HTC Desire HD home screen and make your trip more fascinating. You can go to the ATM, petrol pump or any other place by just getting the right direction.You can track your mobile or the thing going on in your handset by log in to the HTC It can show where your phone is or transfer your calls to another number and much more can be done with it.

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HTC Desire HD

HTC is one of the best smartphone developers who not only gives splendid mobile phones but provide us a way to play with latest technologies. Big screen, high-definition sound, multitasking and flexibility to use any applications are some of the advantages which you can experience via HTC phones. Their latest invention in this field is HTC Desire HD, the phone crafted with precision.

Day’s are gone when watching movies or videos experienced only on PC’s, Laptops and other video gadgets because a new era of HD phones came into existence. The new Desire HD is one of the best solutions for watching full length movies in HD quality (on 4.3-inch display), since it supports 720p video playback. But, if your phone supports high-definition video and produces simple stereo sound then you might loose the cinematic experience. HTC Desire HD is perfectly crafted to deliver extraordinary experiences while 3D playing games in SRS surround sound system.

Android platform offers more flexibility to play with downloaded apps, games and multimedia files. The phone is fully loaded with Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS with HTC Sense. Apart from the platform, the processing power of Desire HD is just brilliant and provides a great push-up to all your running applications. The power behind this boost is its 1 GHz Snapdragon processor which has been integrated on its main-board along with 768 MB of RAM. It’s 1.5GB of internal memory provides ample of space for your data files and if this is not enough then an additional microSD Expansion slot is included for your convenience to expand its storing capacity up to 32GB.


HTC Desire HD is the perfect multimedia phone that comes with several manufacturers’ widgets which you can use to customize your phone desktop. The HTC widgets which comes in a bundle includes Bookmarks, Calculator, Calendar, FM Radio, Friend Stream, HTC Likes, Mail, Messages, News, People, Search Anywhere, Settings, Stocks, Twitter, Weather info., and more. The phones audio and video player supports several file formats which lets you to play any media file on it including WMA, WMV, AVI, Xvid etc. The best part of Desire HD mobile is its DLNA technology by which you can watch videos, pictures & play music files from your phone to your TV.

The connectivity options available on this very latest mobile phone of HTC enable its user to connect it with nay other compatible device or gadget via connecting cable or wireless connections. Desire HD supports the latest wireless technology i.e. Bluetooth 2.1 that transfer your data file from one device to another with enhanced data rate. This Bluetooth service supports A2DP profile with which you can enjoy stereo music wirelessly.

The internet connectivity on this HTC mobile is quiet amazing and offers you up to 14.4 Mbps of speed for downloading any file and 5.76 Mbps to upload or share your files on internet via 3G connections. Now, you can locate any destination around the world very easily via its GPS software. GPS navigation helps you to save your time and money by providing easy route to your final destination. Finally, search for the best deal on HTC Desire HD on various online shops and make this Christmas more enjoyable.


HTC One X 4G

Out of the three HTC One smartphones that have come out of HTC’s stables, the HTC One X 4G is the top of the line. There is a reason to that as this phone comes with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and also sports the new ImageSense camera technology. A 4.7 inch screen to go with all that really makes the HTC One X 4G a mouthwatering prospect.

The HTC One X-3

DesignHTC One is given a polycarbonate body rather than the traditional aluminum body that HTC phones are known for. Thanks to that, the smartphone tips the scales only at 130 g, so it is a phone that shouldn’t feel like a burden to carry around. Nevertheless, don’t be fooled by the lightweight phone or its polycarbonate body as the phone is extremely solid. However it measures in at 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm making it a pretty big phone to put in the pocket or even hold in your hand. Since this smartphone is aimed for users who are looking for function than form, thus HTC didn’t give too much attention to the size. Nevertheless, it still manages to be thin and its look oozes of something with a lot of elegance. The 4.7 inch screen has a black glass frame, something new in terms of design.

Underneath the screen are the Android capacitive buttons while on top of the screen is the 1.3MP front-facing camera. On the right side of the HTC One X 4G is where the volume rocker is situated and this button is responsive to touch. While on the top of the phone is standard audio jack as well as the power/lock button which was also good to touch. Also sitting on the top is the Micro SIM tray. Meanwhile on the left side of the phone is the microUSB port. Finally flipping the phone reveals an 8MP camera which comes with both ImageSense technology and LED flash.  Also on the back is a really nice looking speaker grill.

The HTC One X-2

DisplayHTC One X 4G comes with a huge 4.7 inch screen that has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. For a huge screen like this, getting a pixel density of 312 ppi is really good. HTC One X 4G’s screen is of the Super-LCD 2 type rather than the S-LCD panel which is supposed to give better viewing angles and less glare. True to the claims, the screen did have good viewing angles although the glare was still noticeable. The screen was as good as the AMOLED screens when it came to the nicely saturated colors it was able to produce.

Although the screen can sometimes over saturate the colors, it still does a great job overall. PerformanceTrue to its name, the HTC One X 4G is number one in using a quad-core processor for a smartphone in the form of the Tegra 3 processor by NVIDIA. That is some serious horsepower under the hood and that should see off every challenge that the user can possible throw at the HTC One X 4G. For those who like to see the performance in numbers, this baby produced an average score of 4500 in Quadrant Standard. As expected, there was no lag when doing anything from The HTC One Xbrowsing the internet to running 3D games. FeaturesA high end phone like the HTC One X 4G surely deserves to run on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich and rightly so as the phone is running on Android v4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. Since this is the latest version of the OS, there are a lot of improvements on every nook and corner. However, since HTC has also given the smartphone the latest version of Sense in the form of Sense 4 UI the smartphone isn’t able to show all the improvements the OS has to offer. HTC’s aim with the new UI is to make the experience a lot simpler but at the same time maintaining the class it is known for. HTC has achieved that with this UI and has still kept its characteristic weather clock and big widgets that fill up the homescreen. What it has done for instance is reduce the eye candy like doing away with the spinning carousel that happens whenever u move between homescreens with a quick swipe.

As already seen on the HTC One V, the camera on this phone also comes with the ImageSense technology meaning it starts up in no time. The camera interface itself is interesting as the camera now has continuous shooting mode and it can now also take photos while a video is being shot. The 8MP camera was put to test and it produced photos with a good amount of detail. However, the increase in detail was somehow causing an increase in noise levels as well. However, color balance was good and the photos appeared natural. Video recording on the HTC One X 4G is done at 1080p at a low rate of 23fps, a weird combination. The details were good, but it wasn’t smooth.


The internet browsing experience on HTC One X 4G wasn’t a fun affair. The browser wasn’t intuitive and there were some issues with the many buttons found on the screen. These buttons for instance the ‘back’ or ‘tabs’ key appear and disappear as they like. It can get really annoying at times. In terms of connectivity options, the phone comes with all the usual options and also has 4G LTE connectivity onboard.

Moving on to call quality, the smartphone did a nice job on both ends. Voices were loud enough and the words were easy to make out. However, staying away from noisy places might be a good idea if you want to hear everything your friend is saying. The speakerphone was ok, nothing to brag about. A phone with a giant screen like the HTC One X 4G surely deserves a huge battery and it gets one in the form on the 1800mAh battery. It should get an average user through the day.Pros and ConsHTC One X 4G has a really slim body and it is also solid. The 4.7 inch was great and it has got the quad-core processor under the hood.