Infinix Zero 3 – What to know about Infinix Zero 3 in Kenyan online shopping site

We are almost at the middle of the year and you are probably thinking of doing an upgrade. There are so many smartphones that have made an entry in Kenya and you may be confused if you are trying to get one. One thing that will for sure catch your eye is the Infinix brand that has so many models which come at an affordable price, as a matter of fact Infinix smart phone is one of the leading brands in Kenya. The good thing is that it comes in models that suit almost everyone in terms of price and designs.

One such model is the Infinix Zero 3; it is the youngest Infinix baby in Kenya with a release date of December 2015. I can guarantee you that it is one of the few smartphones that you use and  are sure that you have something that is not owned by most Kenyans. After using this phone for a few months I can confidently say that it comes with some of the features that are top notch.  It has actually beaten some of the best phones that we have in Kenya hands down. Let me take you through what makes it the best Infinix smartphone in Kenya as par now before a competition comes its way.

  • Design

Design of Infinix Zero 3

You may wonder why I have to talk about the design of a phone, here is the thing, right now you have most smartphones with the specs that you need, and the only thing that you have to consider is the price and the design. Infinix Zero 3 comes with a plastic body; you are probably wondering what the fuss about a plastic body is. This is the plastic that is totally different from the ordinary. The touch on the body takes this smartphone to a whole new level, it is simply beautiful and the sharp edges just kill it.

  • Display

Display of Infinix Zero 3

It comes with a 5.5 inch full display, a high resolution and great graphics. What this means to anyone using the Infinix Zero 3 is that you can take and view clear images which maintain their integrity. For people who are into gaming, the graphics that this Infinix comes with will make you a Kenyan game zombie. That is not all, you can watch all your favorite movies and series at the comfort of your of your seat. With Infinix Zero 3 you are able to get real images as clear as possible. The screen employs the Corning Gorilla technology which keeps the screen free from scratches making it look as good as new.

  • Android version

Infinix Zero 3 runs on 5.1 lollipop version which is the latest Android version. Now if you are thinking about some of the latest and updated apps and are dying to have them, then the Infinix Zero 3 will give you the opportunity to have all that. The 5.1 Android version gives you the option of turning on ultra power mode which prolongs your battery life and gives you up to double the time that the charge is supposed to take you. That is why this is the ideal Infinix smartphone that every Kenya should have if they don’t own one already.

  • Memory

Infinix Zero 3 comes with an internal memory of either 16 or 32GB. You have the freedom to choose which one to go for, I am certain that most Kenyans will opt for the 32GB option which gives you a larger space to store all your data. The good thing about Infinix Zero 3 is that the memory is expandable to up to 32 GB. You are probably thinking that that is too small, I might as well remind you that the internal memory that the Zero 3 comes with is larger than the 4GB memory card that you own.

Infinix zero 3 comes with a 3GB RAM, I think this is news that calls for celebration. This is the RAM that gives you the kind of speed that you need when you have to multi task with all the apps that you have on your phone. You can forget about your phone freezing while you are in the middle of one of your best games. If you love speed, Infinix zero 3 will give you just that and you can speed up like the rest of other Kenyans.

  • Connectivity

4G is the new black in town and Infinix Zero 3 gives that to you at the comfort of your seat. The olden days when streaming live videos was a hustle and could only be achieved at cyber cafés are now gone, Infinix Zero 3 makes it possible for you to connect with what is going on in Kenya and the world at large. I think the 4G connectivity that it comes with gives you something that you may not have experienced with a smartphone.

  • Camera

Let us just say that a smartphone that comes with a high quality camera will get the hearts of most Kenyans. This is something that has been able to captivate the hearts of most people with the Infinix Zero 3. It comes with a 20.7MP back camera and a 5MP front camera. If you are a Kenyan who is not up to date with the advancements in smartphone technology, I bet you will be reading this for the first time and I can already guess the amazement in your face. Infinix Zero 3 is a phone that comes with a super camera which is able to detect faces and smiles, has auto focus ability and the images are something else. Very clear while maintaining the integrity of your memories just the way you wanted them to be.

  • Battery

Infinix Zero3 has battery capacity of 3030mAh which can give you more time with premium usage of your phone. I am sure that the smartphones that most people own have a lesser battery capacity than this one. The truth is that in as much as we want a smartphone that has all the glam that it comes with, we also want a gadget that we feel has been made specifically for the Kenyan audience. With the constant power shortage and unexpected black outs a high capacity smartphone is what will work well for most people. Power banks have managed to save us from some of this disasters but I still think that a power bank is an extra weight to carry more so if you only need to walk with your phone. I think that Infinix is in the business of making customized smartphones that perfectly fit into the users’ context.  The down side of this Infinix is that it drains faster than some Infinix phones that we have around. This should not put you off as there are many other features that outdo the down side.

  • Price

With as low as around KSh 19,000 you can get this beast at the palm of your hands and this is quite a good price for a phone that has so much to offer. My advice is that if you are thinking of buying this phone, make some rounds to various shops in Kenya that sell smartphones and the online platform too. The sales of Infinix smartphones is booming in the online platforms in Kenya for the past two years. Deals from online merchants are at times better and fairer than what you would get if you decided to physically look for the phone and buy one. As a matter of fact, you get a delivery with online orders and the prices are quite competitive. You can get the Infinix Zero 3 with as low as KSh 18,500, which is five hundred shillings cheaper than the shop price. With that kind of a price there are very few phones that you will get anywhere which have a high quality and with some of the best specs.


My verdict is that if you are smart, you need a phone that will complement your style. Infinix is the brand that you may put your focus on at this time, it has proved itself in the market by dethroning other leading brands in Kenya. All Infinix smartphones are affordable and the specs are always never disappointing. What makes the Infinix phone tick is that it comes with designs that are cool with both the working class all the way down to college students who need something good and fancy in their pockets.

Infinix Zero 3 has done all that, if you actually need a phone that will give you a great camera while giving you great things in terms of specs, this phone will offer you that. The price is really friendly and no one can complain putting in mind that it comes loaded with the latest advancements in smartphone technology. Don’t worry that you will be one among the many Kenyans who own an Infinix smartphone, after all when it is cold we all put on warm clothes and now Infinix is the new thing in town which is undeniably great, most of us will have to fall in love with it and own it.