Motorola Backflip


The Backflip has a QWERTY keyboard mounted onto the back via a very sturdy flip hinge meaning the keyboard is always exposed; the digital camera has been neatly installed on the side of the keyboard and is hard to notice straight away. Motorola have given there new creation speedy web connectivity, social network capabilities and various messaging options to keep the young messengers out there happy.

The nutty design team at Motorola have introduced a brand new form factor to the world of Smartphones; it boasts a very bright 3.1 inch HVGA touch screen to accompany its very well built QWERTY keyboard. The screen has a built-in accelerometer which is a must for a QWERTY flip phone, it lets you switch to phone from a touch sensitive device to a messaging powerhouse, once you have entered the phones messaging mode and flipped out the keyboard you will find a very clever “BackTrack” touch control pad on the back; it enables you to interact with the Backflip’s MotoBlur interface without obstructing the screen, perfect for both web browsing and message construction. The superb MotoBlur overlay is very colourful and receptive to touch commands; the interface enables you to customize your home screen, organise your widgets and manage your applications.

Motorola Backflip

Motorola are quite proud of there SNS application; it prevents you having to enter multiple apps to see status updates, tweets, pictures and messages, and instead gathers information from all of you online accounts and allows full management for Facebook, MySpace and the increasingly popular Twitter, this app also integrates your e-mail accounts and lets you operate both business and personal inboxes with Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail among the most popular providers. One of the best features brought to the Backflip from MotoBlur is the Contacts integration with there social network and messaging accounts; there contact information is updated regularly with there latest profile info, status updates and pictures, love MotoBlur!

The phones Android operating system supplies users with a lucrative Google package which includes the fantastic online store; the Android Market is the perfect place to download additional applications, themes and great games to improve you already app rich user experience, Google Maps will help prevent you from getting lost and the GoogleTalk feature is an IM client designed for live chat. YouTube is also part of the Google package; not only can you see your favourite clips but you can upload some of your own, the Backflip has exceptional sharing facilities.


Motorola have supplied the unique device with both 3G and Wi Fi connectivity; both offer steadfast connections to the internet with fast download speeds. A 5 mega pixel digital camera is in place to see to your photographic requirements; it is equipped with LED flash, 4x digital zoom and auto focus so it is almost impossible to mess up a photo, its quick and the Backflip provides a very user friendly interface in which you operate the camera from. The phone is equipped with video capture capabilities and it can also playback videos; the video player will comfortably handle practically any video format you shove at it, and the playback quality is outstanding with crisp imaging and clear bass-full audio through the speakers. The music player also benefits from the speakers and the 3.5mm jack will accept any headphones you plug in. Motorola have included a 2GB microSD card in the box but you can upgrade the memory to 32GB without a hitch.

Motorola have insisted that a 2.1 version of Android will be released for the Backflip soon, so you won’t have to put up with the 1.5 version for long. The Motorola Backflip is an intuitive, innovative device with plenty of support for online activities and messaging. The Android Market will supply you with enough new stuff to keep you entertained and its e-mail integration will help keep you in touch, Motorola have a tough contender for the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro and Nokia C6 to tackle.