Tecno smartphones in Kenya

One of the most challenging things in Kenya is getting a Tecno smartphone that is reliable and which also happens to be affordable. So many phones have streamed into the market giving people the opportunity to exploit others by selling counterfeit phones. It not surprising to walk through the Kenyan streets and get a Samsung Galaxy which is not an original version. This is the struggle that people deal with every day in the quest to get a smartphone.

That said, it is worth noting a few things on what you should consider before buying any phone. Anytime you are buying a new phone, buy from authorized dealers or online platforms if you don’t want to fall victim of the cons that are in the country. One of the many smartphones in Kenya that can guarantee quality and durability is Tecno smartphones which are also affordable. These are phones that majority of Kenyans can afford and have occupied the topmost niche in the market over the last few years. Tecno is a brand that has been able to understand the Kenyan market and in return made phones that are tailor made for the Kenyan people.

Very few Kenyans could be able to own smartphones eight years ago, most of the smartphones that were in the country were too expensive for most people to afford. Tecno was the first phone that had all features that could be found in high-end phones. This phone was also affordable, and a majority of the people could afford it. It was the first smartphone that made a breakthrough in the Kenyan market possessing a large share of the market. Some years have gone by, and it still remains one of the most preferred phones in the country. Over 40% of the Kenyan population have either owned this phone at one point in their lives, or they own one at the moment. Let me take you through a few brands that you may consider in 2016.

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Tecno Camon C8

Tecno C8 gives you a 5.5-inch screen size which is large and perfect for people who love large screen phones. I happen to be one of the many people who prefer a phone with a larger screen to a phone with a small screen because of the capabilities that you can get with it. The large screen is not what makes this phone stand out, but it is the camera prowess that will astonish you. It comes with a 5MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. The images that one gets on this phone are so good that for a moment you think that you are using a high-end phone.

Both the front and the rear camera have an LED flash which facilitates photo taking under low lighting. The price range of the C8 is around Ksh 14, 000 which makes it affordable to a lot of people including campus students. Images taken by this phone makes the phone stand out among most of the smartphones that we have in Kenya. The images are actually better than what you would get in more expensive phones in the country. A 3000mAh battery capacity keeps this phone charged up for a very long time and if you are not a heavy user, you, might as well use it for two days. What more would anyone want in a phone, a good battery and good specs makes up any phone. If you are thinking of settling for a phone this season, Tecno C8 is the way to go.

Tecno Camon C5


Tecno C5 is the model that preceded the C8 and after its success in the market, a better model was made available for the people. A glimpse at the C8 and the C5 does not present a large difference as many would expect. There are few variations between these models. One of the most dominant difference is the size; Tecno C5 is smaller than C8 as it comes with a 5.0-inch screen. Tecno C5 has been built for photo taking moments and is made to make these moments better by capturing your images with the decency that they deserve.

A good camera records your memories and keeps them intact for you to enjoy them a few years to come. Tecno C5 comes with 4G which is not available in Tecno C8; this is the main advantage that C5 has over C8.  People who love smaller phones due to portability may prefer to go for the C5 which is much smaller and comfortable to handle than Tecno C8 which is a little bit larger.  If you were thinking of settling for a phone this year, going for the Tecno C5 will be a great step as you will enjoy every moment with that phone.

Tecno J8 Boom


Tecno J8 Boom is the model that came after J7 Boom which was a great success in the Kenyan market. Just like the rest of the Tecno phone models, there is always something that each Tecno model focuses on; Tecno J8 focuses on the music output. This is one of those phones that have a great sound that listening to music is an exciting experience. It is a phone that has been built for people who love music and people who appreciate quality sound.

Tecno has invested in this phone, and that seriousness is showcased with the set of headphones that you get with this phone. It comes with a pair that has an excellent sound output and which makes listening to music more enjoyable. The design is one that will attract you to this phone; it comes in a plastic material that looks more of leather than plastic. A single look at this phone makes you want to buy it. The design is not the only aspect of this phone that you will love, Tecno J8 happens to be an efficient phone in terms of speed. It has a 2 GB RAM that makes multi-tasking possible and not just that, the OS can be upgraded to marshmallow. This means that you get to experience the heights of good specs that you would enjoy with some high-end smartphone.

Tecno W4

People looking for phones that have something out of the box, may consider going for the Tecno W4 which is the same class as most high-end phones that we have in the country. It is a light phone and has a super slim design that that makes it comfortable to have around. It is a phone that will not bother you due to its portability as the size can fit in your hands and not just fitting, but you can operate the phone with a single hand as it comes with a 5.0-inch screen.

The screen employs the Gorilla technology which keeps it away from scratches and other damages that your screen may be subjected to. The good thing with Tecno W4 is that it comes with all the features that a good phone should have, the battery capacity will not limit you, and you can run as many apps as you want and use all the applications that you want without having to worry that the battery will die. A 2500mAh battery capacity keeps this phone going for the longest time possible. People who are not heavy users may use this phone for two straight days without having to recharge it. Generally, Tecno W4 is a good phone for anyone who wants to put their money on class and elegance.

Tecno Y6


Let’s say that you need a phone that is capable of giving you the basic things that a smartphone can give, you should not worry, Tecno has something for you. There are so many mid range phones and low-end phones that Tecno can offer giving you a wholesome experience that people with other smartphones enjoy. To begin with, not everyone might have the cash to buy a high-end phone, and maybe someone feels that they still need to be on what’s up or even connect to friends on Facebook. There are many options for such people to choose from, and Tecno Y6 is such a model.

It comes in so many colors which allow people to settle for the color that expresses their personality. When it comes to the performance, Tecno Y6 is not badly off as it comes with a 1.0GHz Quad-core processor, runs on the 4.4 Android OS and has a 1GB RAM. What the above specs mean is that this phone is capable of giving you a good number of apps from Google app store as well as giving you a swift time when you are interacting with the apps on your phone. The only thing you ought to know is that this phone should not be overloaded with apps. Having so many games on this phone may make it constantly hang which is a nightmare that most people would not want to encounter.

Tecno Y4


Tecno Y4 is a mid range phone that happens to be lighter than the deals that you would get with phones in the same category as it is. It is a small phone which has a 4.4-inch screen which not only makes it portable but makes it comfortable to have around. This is the kind of phone that you can operate on with one hand. Operating a large screen sized phone is not always interesting as it becomes difficult to do so when you have other things to do, and you are trying to multi-task. Tecno Y4 has a powerful camera which is 5MP and takes good images with sufficient lighting.

The downside of the camera is that when it gets dark, taking images becomes a real struggle. This phone is not in a position to give good images without good lighting. If you consider buying this phone, then you should be prepared to get an alternative device for taking images such as a good camera as Y4 may not give you images that are decent. An 8GB internal storage capacity is large enough to allow you store as many images as you would want and you are not limited to the number of apps that you will download. You only need to know that the more apps you have on this phone will work to your disadvantage as it will slow down the phone.



The mentioned phones are not the only models that are in the Kenyan market as there are so many more good models, some of which have not been mentioned. Tecno is a brand that has something for everyone. Tecno phones have proved that even the most expensive models phones are not expensive as such. If high-end Tecno phones were to be translated to some expensive brands, then it would cost you a lot of cash to own a phone. A Tecno phone worth Ksh 15, 000 has similar features as a Samsung phone worth over Ksh 20, 000. If budget is one of the factors that you consider when buying a phone, Tecno phones will provide the best solution for you.