Tecno C5 review

Tecno C5 is a phone that most people in Kenya are familiar with; it has been in the country for quite some time now and has gained a lot of popularity over time. The success of Tecno phone came as a surprise to most people including Tecno itself. After its success, there came Tecno C8 which also did well in the market and later Tecno C9 which is the newest kid on the block. All the Tecno camon series have done incredibly well in the market. Tecno C5 has been around for some time now, and people still opt for this phone over the many options that are there to choose from. There are a few factors that make this phone special making it do a good job in the market several months after its release.


Tecno C5 is a 5-inch phone; there is a craze in Kenya, and almost everyone seems to be going for large screen phones. This should not surprise you because if you remember clearly, smartphones made an entry into the country a few years ago and some people think that the larger the screen, the better for them. Personally, I don’t have anything against a large screen phone; as a matter of fact, I like them because watching a movie with one is really great.

Tecno C5 is smaller and can be held and operated on by one hand. This means that this phone makes portability quite easy and is comfortable to carry along. This is one of the factors that have made this phone make big sales in the past few months. Surprisingly, most people don’t consider this as one of the outdated phones. The design is really cool, and it has the same look as the C8 just that the size is the only dominant variation.


Let us face it, ever since smartphones made a landing in Kenya; we have been running on 3G and we seem to love it as it gives us something better than what we used to get with 2G feature phones. Tecno is one of the brands that made it possible for most people to own a smartphone in Kenya and so far people have been comfortable without any complaints. Tecno C5 was the first Tecno phone in Kenya to run on the 4G network. This phone might be smaller than what we would want, but it has something better than what most of the large screen phones can offer. Tecno C5 can download so many songs while Tecno C8 is still struggling to make some downloads. Having a video call phone with a smartphone is now possible as the internet speeds that you get with this phone are just incredible.

Other Camon models have an edge over the camera of this phone as they have higher pixels than the C5. Still, we cannot brush out Tecno C5 as it delivers very good images. One of the things that this phone is known for is delivering high-quality images. It is among the Tecno phones that most people buy with the image output in mind.


The digital revolution that we have been subjected to over the past few years make us want to record every minute and moments that we would want to hold close to us. There are various storage options including Google drive where you can store your images without worrying that you will ever lose any as you can retrieve them at any moment. That is why the 8MP and the 2MP front camera have been put in place to ensure that you record all your memories just like they are.

The performance of Tecno C5 will not disappoint you at any time when you are using this phone. It happens to run on the lollipop OS which is a recent OS and gives you many possibilities when it comes to apps that you can get on Google Play. The processor and the RAM are good enough to ensure that everything that you do with this phone is as smooth and swift as it can be. If you are tired of using one of these phones that are constantly hanging when you are switching between apps, then Tecno C5 might just be the ultimate and ideal choice that should solve that entire problem.


Tecno has proved to be one of the smartphones in Kenya that we can put our confidence in due to what they have been delivering in the past few years. Just like Tecno C5, there are other Tecno options that you can settle for. If you are looking for a Tecno phone that can give you a good camera experience, then the Camon series is what you should be thinking about. The C8 and the C9 have slightly larger screens and will work well for people who love phones with larger screens. If you want to have a comfortable phone to hang around with, then Tecno C5 is the ideal phone for you.


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