Tecno C8 Review

Tecno C8 is one of the Tecno phones in Kenya that a lot of people have fell in love with. There is a person who has a C8 in every corner that you turn to. When Tecno C8 made an arrival in the country, many people wanted to put their hands on this phone because, from the look of things, it was a phone that had so much to offer. The size is perfect; it has a good camera, a large internal space and is efficient in terms of the speed. This is topped up by the fact that it comes at an affordable price.


At first, having the C8 was a sign of uniqueness as it has an outstanding design which is easily noticeable. A few months later that is not the case anymore. It is not a wonder to be seated next to a person who owns Tecno C8. That is what I have been going through in the last few months. Almost everyone seems to own this phone. I dare not complain as the reason that made me buy the phone was the good specs that it comes with. That is the plain truth if there was a competition; Tecno C8 would either be the winner or be the first runner-up in that competition.

The design is not something that would make you want to buy this phone. There are other brands that can beat the C8 hands down when it comes to the design. The edges did not achieve the kind of curves that makes a phone have a classy look. However, the back of this phone is really awesome as it has a material that has a leathery feel and which makes the grip on this phone much better. It has a silver like band around it which looks good when the phone is new but quite rough when the phone becomes older. If you are considering this phone, once you buy it, make sure that it always have a cover to retain the silver like band looking new.


The camera is one of the factors that have contributed to this phone making so many sales in Kenya. Tecno C8 comes with a 5MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. Both cameras have an LED flash that facilitates taking good images under low lighting. Photos taken by the C8 camera are excellent, as a matter of fact; it might be hard for you to differentiate between an image taken at night and that taken during the day. The LED flashlight is powerful ensuring that you can record your memories even at night, and they will have some decency.

One of the highlights that I love about this phone is that when the screen is locked, you can unlock it by double tapping. That is not all, there are shapes that you can draw on your screen and access your favorite apps. For example, you can access the camera by simply writing a C on the unlock screen; you can also access your what’s app by simply writing a W sign on your screen. That is how awesome this phone is and that is the reason why most people own it in Kenya.  I will not forget to say that the screen is so sensitive to touch that it responds as fast as you touch it.


When it comes to the speed, Tecno C8 is an excellent performer; it has a 1 GB RAM which I always wish that they could have done something much to the RAM and give people a higher RAM. A 1.3GHz Quad Core processor which facilitate faster response of apps to commands, and a 5.0 Android OS. The three work very well in giving you a phone that cannot disappoint you when it comes to multi-tasking or anything that may need a faster processor. I have to say that after some time of using this phone, Tecno C8 may at times lag especially when you want to switch to another app. It is not always that this phone will give you a swift experience as far as speed is concerned. The fact that it has a non-removable battery means that you cannot remove the battery once it has hung but you will have to wait until it recovers.

Tecno C8 won the hearts of many Kenyans due to the large battery capacity that it comes with. You get a 3000mAh battery capacity which does not limit anything that you may want to do with the phone. You can stay on the internet as much as you want as well as well as play games on your phone without worrying that the battery will die. People who are not heavy users get to enjoy more than a day without their phones needing to be recharged. The cost that most people had to incur while buying a power bank is not there anymore, with such a battery capacity, no one has the need of buying a power bank which is not only expensive but bulky too.



Tecno C8 may be one of those phones that almost everyone in the neighborhood has, but it is one of the best that you can have this year. Everything about the C8 is cool and having this phone will give you a great time with Tecno smartphones.


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