Tecno J8

After Tecno J7 had made a lot of noise in the Kenyan market, people were almost convinced that that was the best that Tecno could give to people who love music. Come 2016 and there was a lot of craze on J7 and almost everyone wanted to put their hands on this phone. Little did they know that Tecno had a bigger surprise for them.


News for the launch of Tecno J8 Boom surprised so many people, and I happen to be among the people who were surprised that Tecno was launching a sequel of the previous model that had excited so many people. That was the launch that you cannot afford to miss. True to their word, Tecno J8 boom is a phone that revolutionizes everything that you have ever thought about a smartphone. More to that, it is an affordable phone as it retails at around Ksh 15, 000 in most of the stalls in Kenya.  Let us take a look at what makes this phone tick.

A light weight phone is something that most people would want to have. Tecno J series have ensured that in all the models they make, weight is taken into consideration. This is one of the lightest phones that sometimes you don’t realize that you are carrying a phone with you. The design comes in to complement this phone as it has a leathery feel on the back. There is something about Tecno phones with the leathery feel that they have; the feel is unique, and the grip on the phone is extremely firm. This phone comes in various colors which are white black and silver, the color options give you the freedom of settling for the color that you are most comfortable with.


Tecno J8 has been built for people who love music. Most of the smartphones that we buy come with earphones, this is not the case with this phone, and it comes with headphones that have a powerful sound output that keeps you enjoying the music all day long. When you are with friends, and you would like to listen to music, the speakers on this phone will give you excellent music which you enjoy with the friends that you are with comfortably without straining to listen. It is one of the few phones in Kenya that have a powerful sound output to keep people enjoying music.

Tecno J8 is a 4G phone; this means that you get to enjoy faster internet connectivity, and the download speeds are just amazing. 3G phones make it difficult for people to stream live videos with their phones or even have video calls. This phone comes in to solve all those problems, and you can watch live events at the comfort of your seat through streaming. What makes things better is that you can now have video calls and call family and friends who are far away and get to see how they are doing.


The download speeds that you get with this phone is very fast, and you can download all the music, apps, games and anything else that you would want to download at super fast rates. Tecno J8 is a dual sim giving you the freedom to enjoy what more than one service provider has to offer. Gone are the days when people had more than one phone so that they could comfortably have and use more than one sim card. Dual sim phones have come to ease the burden of having so many devices whereas you can have just one.

What makes up a phone is not the design or how it looks from the outside but its performance. J8 Boom is a phone that has proved that Tecno can give Kenyans good gadgets which are super affordable. It comes with a 2GB RAM; this is the RAM that allows you to run more than one apps at the same time without experiencing any form of lagging. The RAM allows gamers to have so many games on their phone, and they can rest assured that this phone will not lag.


One of the things that I did not like about this phone is that it runs on the 5.1 Android OS. I think it is quite unfortunate for a brand released after the launch of the 6.0 Android version to run on an outdated OS. Tecno J8 deserved better with the OS, but since the 5.1 version is not as old, it will still work well on your phone giving you access to all the good apps that you may want to have. If you were using a phone on the lollipop Android OS, you might not feel the difference with this phone as far as the operating system is concerned.

The camera will make you forget all about the OS as it comes with a 5MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. The camera does an excellent job in taking you images and retaining the decency that your memories should have. Both the front and the rear camera have an LED flash that makes it possible for images to be taken under low lighting. I have to say that Tecno is one of the phones in Kenya that will never disappoint you when it comes to the camera. And just like most of the Tecno phones, J8 will give you a splendid experience with the camera.


If you are looking for an affordable phone that will give you a closer to perfect experience, look no further, Tecno J8 is a phone that is capable of doing just that. Everything about this phone is so good that it makes you feel like doing an upgrade every time you see one.


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