Tecno W4 review

Tecno is at it again, it has given us something to talk about in the next few months, and true to the Tecno spirit, this has not been a disappointment to most of the people. The only thing that surprises me till date is why Tecno did not make so much noise about Tecno W4. That kept me worried for some time until I took time with the phone only to realize that almost everything about it is good. Models such as Tecno C8 were well welcomed in Kenya with Tecno doing so many campaigns on social media platforms something that contributed to the great success of this phone. Tecno W4 has been given a silent welcome to the country, but that has not stopped this model from making it to the top in terms of the sales made. Let me take you through some of the features that this phone comes with.

A glimpse at this Tecno phone reveals a classy look with a 5.0-inch screen size. The curves on this phone make it look better and give it a more elegant look. The screen looks somehow larger and it happens to be a generally good phone for people who appreciate comfort and who want something which is easy to carry around. The good thing with phones that can be held and operated with a single hand is that, even when the phone is in your pocket, you don’t get unnecessary bulges that disfigure your clothes.  I often say that a large screen phone is good but comes with its share of trouble.


We are almost coming to the end of the year, and there is that feeling that almost all of us have which prompts us to do an upgrade to the devices that we have. Most of our phones run on the 5.0 Android OS which by now is too outdated. If you are a smartphone expert, then you know that an upgrade is something that you really need. Tecno W4 runs on the 6.0 Android version which makes it better than most of the phones that we have in Kenya.

I still don’t understand why we don’t have so many phones that are running on the 6.0 Android version in Kenya when the whole world is on the marshmallow platform. Tecno W4 is one of the few phones that will give you a better experience with the apps on your phone. You get to enjoy more apps which are much better than what people with outdated OS can enjoy. By now, most people know what to look for in a phone; it is not only the design of a phone that matters, but the specs are much more important that the exterior look of a phone. This is the hard truth that most Kenyans have come to learn through experiences that haven’t been too pleasant.


Tecno W4 did not do a good job with the camera. With most phones having over 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera. We expect that phones released this season and the future should have cameras that have higher pixels than that or have pixels which are at the same level with what most people have in their phones currently. Tecno W4 comes with an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera which is less than what we would want. This phone still manages to give you decent images that are worth showing off to friends. People looking for a Tecno phone that will give them a good camera experience may not find it comfortable buying this phone. The good news is that there are other alternatives to consider within the wide range of Tecno smartphones that are in Kenya.

It is not all flaws with the W4 model, one of the other goodie that you will get with this phone is a good battery capacity. Power banks came and did their thing in the country, and most of us were excited knowing that there was nothing to worry about if our phones went off in the middle of a forest or a village without electricity. Imagine having a phone that you are guaranteed can take more than a day or even two days without going off.

Imagine knowing that you don’t have to buy a power bank anymore because your phone has the charge that is capable of keeping you on for a very long time. That is the reality that Tecno is creating for the people. Brands that are coming to the market have large capacities that would keep the phone going for very long hours. Tecno W4 gives you a 2500mAh battery capacity which is large enough to keep your phone going for a very long time.

Such a capacity gives you all the freedom that you need with your phone, and you can play as many games as you want, surf all day long, download as many apps as you want on your phone and still have some charge left by evening.  People who are not heavy users may go for up to two days with this phone without having to recharge it. Most of us are looking for phones that can perform in terms of efficiency and which have a high capacity battery to sustain all the activities of a phone. This is one of the factors that will make you fall in love with this phone.



Tecno W4 is a good phone that I would recommend to anyone who may want to do an upgrade or buy a phone. At least I don’t have the burden of having to explain that the brand is good for we all know that Tecno provides affordable phones to Kenyans which are not only incredible with the design but also comes with amazing features. The W4 is one of the models that will give you some good service before you even think of doing an upgrade.


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