Tecno Y4

Tecno Y4 is one of the smartphones that have been in the country for some time now and did a good job in the market. It made a lot of purchases and the sales have not dramatically declined in as much as this is among the most outdated phones in the country. In terms of time, and specs, more phones have come up which are better and have a lot to offer to their users. There is a group of people in Kenya that are yet to come on board when it comes to smartphone usage.

This is the group of people that need an entry point as far smartphones are concerned.  A person that has never had an experience with a smartphone does not require a phone that has great specs or one that has so many technicalities. Everyone has to start from somewhere and this being the case; more often than not most people will start with Tecno phones. This is because it is one of the most affordable smartphones in Kenya and its availability is almost certain. One of the phones that you can settle for if you have a tight budget but still wants a nice smartphone could be Tecno Y4.


Tecno Y4 has been on the market for quite some time now and is among the phones that most Kenyans have not complained about. Word about a faulty smartphone travels as fast as a wildfire. A case in point is Tecno P5 which had a reputation of a constantly hanging phone that could not deliver in terms of efficiency. Tecno Y4 has maintained a good reputation for the time that it has been around. To begin with, it is a quality phone that can guarantee durability for as long as you use it.

Tecno Y4 is a 4-inch phone which is much smaller than most of the phones that are currently in the market. The fact that this is a much smaller phone makes it unappealing to most people more so the younger generation who prefer phones which are slightly larger. It comes with a look that may make you think that it is a Windows phone after the first glance. A closer look at it is what helps you demystify the thought of a Windows phone.  The design is a cool one as the plastic body gives it a more attractive look. It may not even be a mid range phone but it sure comes with some class.


This is a phone that has not been built to take much pressure in terms of apps. You find that Tecno Y4 will be highly disadvantaged if you choose to overload it with so many apps. It has a 1GB RAM, a 1GHz dual-core processor and runs on the 4.4 Kitkat Android version. The performance that you will get may not be in a position to support all that you may want in terms of apps, and the performance may be a little bit slower. You will only be in a position to get apps that are outdated and may not get some recent apps due to the outdated OS that the phone runs on. A fast timer may not need to have many apps, but people who have had a previous experience with smartphones may be tempted to have some games and some more apps which may considerably reduce the efficiency of the phone in terms of speed.

I would not hesitate to give this phone a plus due to the dual sim capability that it comes with. A dual sim has so many advantages, and more people would prefer a dual sim to a single sim phone. Depending on the two of your most favorite service providers, you can settle on any two and have the privilege of enjoying what both have to offer. For instant, you can have Airtel for data bundles and have Safaricom for making calls. Most people will often go for the two that offer the cheapest deals. Tecno Y4 gives you the freedom of making that choice making it a good phone to choose from the many in the same range that are single sims.


The internal memory is large enough for you to store a few items you may want to store without needing an external SD card. It comes with an 8GB internal storage capacity which is large enough to store the apps that you will have plus a few media that you may also have. The only limitation with Tecno Y4 is that you will have to buy an external SD card if you would want to have more media. 8GB is a large storage capacity for people who don’t have a lot to store on their phones apart from some music. Individuals who need more storage will have to put in some more cash and buy a memory card.

Generally, Tecno Y4 is a good phone for anyone looking for an entry point in the smartphone industry. It comes at an affordable price which most people in the country can be able to afford and is available in most of the online shops in Kenya. You should give it a try.


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