Tecno Y6 Review

Tecno Y6 is not among the phones that everyone would be so hyped up about but rather, a phone that lays low and only comes up when someone introduces that topic or when someone is thinking of buying that phone. It is not that the Y6 is a bad phone, as a matter of fact; there are many phones that are actually worse than Y6. It is just that it does not roll with some of the specs that most of us would want it to have.

It will work quite well for someone who is looking for a smartphone to replace a lost one with the hope of getting a better Tecno mobile phone. It can still work for someone who is looking for a side phone and is tired of using the feature phones which don’t have much to offer in terms of the apps that one can use. At least with the Y6, one can still access what’s app, Facebook and other apps that may interest a person. This is what makes this phone worth a review.

One thing that will catch your eye with Tecno Y6 is the colors that it comes with. The first time I got the chance to interact with this phone, it happened to be the one that comes in a blue color. The color is simply amazing and attractive. This is a phone that can confidently express your personality through the colors that it comes with.


The good thing with phones that come in various colors is that people get the opportunity and the freedom to choose and settle for the color that expresses who they are. Most phones come with two colors giving people no option than to take one and leave the other. There is that feeling most people have where everyone wants a basket full of apples, and they want to settle for the color of their preference. That is what we wish for in phones, that they could give us more options to choose from.

The camera will give you a good time, especially if you are buying a smartphone for the first time. It comes with a 5MP back camera and a 2MP front camera which gives you some good photos especially when taken under excellent lighting. The truth of the matter is that even though we have had smartphones in Kenya for some time now, not everyone has one yet. Tecno Y6 is a good phone for people seeking to get in the smartphone arena.

Someone who already owns a smartphone might not find the Y6 to be an interesting affair because they will miss so much that other smartphones can give. As a side phone, it will be a perfect phone as you can have all your favorite apps on your main phone and have the Y6 as the backup plan in case the battery of your main phone dies.


The performance of this phone is not as bad, but you would still not give it all the credit because there are better phones to choose from. It runs on the Kitkat Android version, has a 1GB RAM and runs on the 1GHz Dual Core processor. This should make you know that this is not the kind of phone that gives you the ability to multi-task as you would want.

Having so many apps on your phone puts it at the risk of constant lagging, if you want to avoid having to constantly remove your battery so that the phone will stop hanging, you should not try overloading this phone with apps. Having a phone that limits you in terms of the number of apps that you can have is not such a good experience to smartphone gurus. That is why I will insist that if you are not a first time user, don’t even try getting this phone as it may not go down so well with you when it comes to the performance.


Tecno Y6 is still better off than most of the smartphones in the same range such as it is. This is because you get the Y6 at a more affordable price, and you can rest assured that it is a durable phone. Everyone wants to buy a phone that can give them more than a year’s service irrespective of whether it is the main phone or a side phone. We don’t want to keep on going to the shops to get a new phone after every six months; after all, we don’t get the phones for free. The battery of this phone will put a smile on your face.

Tecno Y6 comes with a 2350mAh battery capacity which can keep this phone on for over a day. Kenyans are in need of phones that are in a position to solve their energy issues. With the power constantly going off, no one wants a phone that will go off a few hours after a blackout because it cannot retain energy for a very long time. Tecno Y6 is one of the phones that is solving the energy problems that most people have. More to that, this is a phone that someone living in the rural areas can comfortably use because it can even go for two days without intensive usage of the phone.


Tecno Y6 does not come with the glam and the floss that we would want in a phone. That is not to mean that this phone is not in a position to give you some good service. It comes in handy every now and then and considering that it has not compromised on the quality, it remains to be one of the best phones that you can have.


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